For millions of Britons, dining is more than eating out, it’s a form entertainment. Guests want a memorable experience away from home. Savvy eateries understand that restaurant furniture and restaurant seating are part of that memorable experience. The character of the interior should cater to the tastes of its target market. Well-planned restaurant furniture and seating contribute to the success, and of course the profits, of any dining establishment. Contratti offers off-the-shelf items, or custom-made to your own design. Call us on 01925 875 852 to discuss with our team how we can assist with your ideas.

With installations UK-wide, Contratti specialises in the design and provision of bespoke and stylish restaurant furniture and seating. Planning the design begins with market research, it continues with understanding market trends, and concludes with strategic execution. In such a competitve marketplace not just any interior design consultant will do. Different restaurants require a different flavours, and different experiences.

Have a look at some images of our completed work by visiting our Portfolio, or read some of our Testimonials from our many happy clients. If your establishment is in need of new restaurant furniture and seating, call Contratti today on 01925 875 852, email us, or use our contact form and we will call you back.